Did Anyone See That Meteor?

Wed Oct 03, 2001 2:17 pm

Just curious to know if anyone else saw the huge meteor tonight. It was right at dusk in Traverse City. While sitting at the airport observation area, out of the sky, toward the southeast, shot this meteor. It was getting closer and closer to earth. Sparks were flying, it seems to have landed about 50 miles from Traverse City, but, it was probably in Canada, if it even hit at all.

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RE: Did Anyone See That Meteor?

Wed Oct 03, 2001 2:40 pm

Weird things in the skies man. Just yesterday there was a sonic boom (pretty sure it was) over Urbana, IL. It was very bizarre, everybody in the room I was with jumped..."What was that?" "Woa, that was loud!" "Oh no, a bomb!"...then I said, "No, its just a sonic boom"

I recognized the sound right away, I'm pretty convinced it was a sonic boom. Maybe it was a meteor, maybe it was a jet, who knows.
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RE: Did Anyone See That Meteor?

Wed Oct 03, 2001 3:16 pm

Hey Boeing757fan, you can still get to the deck???? They still allow it? I'll have to come visit soemtime..

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RE: Did Anyone See That Meteor?

Thu Oct 04, 2001 8:09 am

What part of the country are you in, where's Traverse City?
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