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How To Post My Own Pic`s?

Thu Oct 04, 2001 3:55 am

Hi there !

Can anybody tell me how can i post my own pic`s here ? I mean pic`s from my hard disk, not pic`s that are already in the a.net database.

Thanks in advance !!!

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RE: How To Post My Own Pic`s?

Thu Oct 04, 2001 6:46 am

Hi Herbman,

You will need to upload your pics to a website. I use webshots, but the are various others. Geocities is no good, as they do not allow you to link photos uploaded there from other websites.

Once the picture has been uploaded from your harddrive and you have the picture in the size that you would like to see it (you can sometimes choose between small, medium and large) right click on the picture and get the pictures URL (uniform resource locator) address. This will read something like http://www.mypicture.jpg Right click on the address, left click on copy and then to insert this picture into a post at airliners.net type the following instruction on the white draft page:

[img src="http://www.mypicture.jpg"] but instead of the [ ] brackets, use these < >.

When you have completed everything, hit the "Post" button and see what comes up on the blue preview page. If the picture shows, everything is well and good and you can proceed with posting it to the message board. If you only see a white box with a red cross in it, something is wrong and you need to go back and edit it.
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