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Did They Know What They Did 11th Of Sept.?

Mon Oct 08, 2001 7:55 pm

What I meen is, did they know that they messed with the whole world, and not just US?!
I doubt they knew it. I, for myself, tought after that it happend "you don't mess around with US and get away with it."
Did they know that the whole world would react on this, and join togehther? I don't think so.
Did they know what suffer they caused to there own people who leaves there own country now, beeing scared? Don't think so.
Did they care about the american children, who is our future, where ever you come from, had to be told "your mother/father will never come home anymore."
Don't think so.
What I do know, is that they fu--ed up big time!
This was not a victory for Bin Laden and who else. Now they have to stand up and face it in front of US and the NATO.
I would not want to be in there cloths now.

When in doubt, flat out!
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RE: Did They Know What They Did 11th Of Sept.?

Tue Oct 09, 2001 12:50 am

One thing to consider is not so much the official US response, which will be judged and critiqued and chastised and encouraged... thing to consider is the rage now building in the areas around New York, Washington and around the country. So many tens of thousands of people lost someone they love. We assume they'll grieve and move on. But as we've seen recently assumption is kind of old school. How many of those people have now taken it upon themselves to personally avenge their lost? How many people in this country now feel the same rage, anger and revenge as those in al Qaeda. What happens now? Is it impossible to think some young man from New Jersey who's loved one lies dead won't hijack a Saudi 777 and fly it into the heart of Mecca? Pretty far fetched. So was flying a 767 into the WTC.

How many monsters did the monsters of September 11th create that day?

RE: Did They Know What They Did 11th Of Sept.?

Tue Oct 09, 2001 1:15 am

That was a very good question HeavyMetal, your posts seem to just get better and better! I hope people can remain civilised...

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