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How Is The Italian Train System?

Thu Oct 11, 2001 9:35 am

How are the trains in Italy? Reliable? Innexpensive? Comfortable? I've only taken the train in France and I was impressed with the service. I wasn't on the high speed train, just the regular one. Is Italy's comparable to Frances? My parents want to go to Italy and rather than fly, take the train on these routes: Milan-Venice, Venice-Florence, Florence-Milan. What's a good website to find schedules and prices?


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RE: How Is The Italian Train System?

Thu Oct 11, 2001 9:40 am

For 6 months in 2000 I lived in Rome, and travelled on many a nation's train system. I'd have to say that Italy's (FS, Ferrovie dello Stato) varied the most in quality. The newest Eurostar Italia (the 600 series?) might be the nicest train in all Europe, but the quality varied after that.
The Intercity trains were usually not bad, but generally most Italian trains seemed at least 20 years old. They are often late, and the cheaper the train, the more stops it makes.
However, Mussolini did make the trains run on time, and they are fairly reliable. If you are travelling around a holiday, they can be quite crowded howevr. I stood outside the bathroom for 3 hrs on good friday....
Just be on your guard in some of the larger stations (Roma Termini, Napoli) for undesirables, Naples can be quite interesting after dark in the 'hood around the station.
Also, bring your own food -- the restaurant cars are very pricey and very mediocre, compared to the rest of Italy.

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RE: How Is The Italian Train System?

Thu Oct 11, 2001 11:30 am

I'm not sure, but the Ferrovie dello Stato webpage is
not sure...

and THANK YOU in italian is spelled GRAZIE, not GRATZI... Smile

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