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VCR Won't Tape Certain Channels...help

Fri Oct 12, 2001 8:52 am

It's been like this since I got this VCR. The problem is that I get the blue screen if I attempt to watch channels 1-7 and 13-22 through the VCR. This means I cannot tape anything on these.

The VCR and TV are both less than 7 years of age and so fairly modern so Im assuming the VCR came with this fault and since I did not know much about VCRs when we got it by the time I figured out something was it was too late and the warrany had expired.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this and if so, how did you fix it. Thanks.
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RE: VCR Won't Tape Certain Channels...help

Fri Oct 12, 2001 8:55 am

With the newer technology, you sometimes need the convertor box (cable box) to do it right.. Mine's the same way, and it's like 8 years old..

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RE: VCR Won't Tape Certain Channels...help

Fri Oct 12, 2001 11:08 am

Your VCR may have an 'AIR' or 'Cable' setting that you may want to try tinkering with. Set it to 'AIR' if you get your channels through the airwaves with an antenna. Set it to 'Cable' if you subscribe to cable tv.

Otherwise, see if there is a way to do a setup or install where it scans the channels. Maybe your VCR is too old for this though.

Otherwise, new VCRs are around USD $60-70 right now anyway. Don't worry about the brand name, they are mostly made by one or two manufacturers and re-branded I think. One of the original manufacturers is Hunai (sp?) I think and they make other company's VCRs too.

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