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More Anthrax

Sun Oct 14, 2001 6:23 am

Still think terrorists need to be appeased?


MIAMI, Oct. 13 - Five more people in South Florida have been found to be exposed to anthrax, according to officials of American Media, the Boca Raton publishing company where three other people had been exposed to the disease.

Michael Kahane, general counsel of the company, said that blood tests of the five people found anthrax antibodies. He said the five are being treated with antibiotics and are not hospitalized. He said he was notified today by a governmental agency and had started to inform employees.

Federal health officials would not comment on the blood test results.

On Friday federal authorities said they had completed testing of nearly all of the 1,000 people connected to the American Media building here and found no new cases of anthrax exposure.

Officials believe anthrax entered the American Media building through the mail and said on Friday that they believed the building's mail room was the primary contamination area.

Concerns about anthrax were first raised more than a week ago, when Robert Stevens, a photo editor with one of the supermarket tabloids published by American Media, became severely ill. He died on Oct. 5.

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RE: More Anthrax

Sun Oct 14, 2001 12:15 pm

1. Antibodies to anthrax does not mean that the person is currently infected or even has an active infection. It's like having had the chicken pox, and now you have antibodies, but you no longer have the disease. Therefore, the presence of anthrax antibodies does not mean that the people were exposed any time recently or that they are currently harboring live anthrax bacteria.

2. Does anyone else hope (in the nicest sense possible) that this is the "terrorist attack within the next few days," so we can get it over with?

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