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Abandoned Pets At Ground Zero

Sat Oct 27, 2001 9:40 pm

Awww... this story from The New York Post just makes me want to cry, but then again, I'm a sucker when it comes to animals.

It's a Cat-astrophe


Now before anyone gets the wrong idea, I'm not saying that these abandoned pets are more important than the 6,000 people who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks, but as the story pointed out, many of these cat's owners are alive and well and even if they no longer want these cats, you'd think the least they could do woud be to call some of these rescue organizations and let them know where some of these cats were left so that someone could go look for them.

I can totally understand the need for people to save themselves first, but c'mon - it's been 6 weeks now. Then again, I didn't go through the horror that some of these people who fled the scene did, so maybe I'm missing something here.

Are they (the owners) still in shock? Do they just not care? Are the owners too busy trying to take care of other personal affairs. All it would take is a simple phone call. Any New Yorkers (or others) care to give their perspective?



RE: Abandoned Pets At Ground Zero

Sat Oct 27, 2001 9:47 pm

I agree Mike, it's too bad. I'm not a big animal lover, but a minimum has to be done for these animals.
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RE: Abandoned Pets At Ground Zero

Sun Oct 28, 2001 9:54 am

I love animals too, but really what can we really do but wait till priorities change.
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RE: Abandoned Pets At Ground Zero

Sun Oct 28, 2001 10:28 am

That makes me think if my dog were left. That's terrible.

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