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Fillings - Amalgam Or Epoxy?

Wed Nov 14, 2001 10:10 am

Given a free hand, your dentist will make the small hole in your tooth much bigger with his pneumatic high speed drill. He will then undercut your tooth in order to create a cavity the shape of a vase in which they can then force this grey shit called amalgam into your tooth. Pissed It not only looks awful, but as amalgam contains mercury, it probably slowly starts poisening your system from the minute you shut your mouth. Crying

Yeah, yeah, I hear you say - dentists have been using amalgam for decades and if it was so bad, why would they still be using it?

Well who knows? The alternative is white epoxy. It takes perhaps 10 minutes longer to do an epoxy filling. You can chew on it immediately afterwards and being white, you can't even really see it. Which lasts longer? - I don't have a clue and I'm not a dentist, but given the choice, I will never have another amalgam filling - ever!

What have you got? And who can lay claim to my brother's feat - 40 years old and not a single filling thus far. Wow!
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RE: Fillings - Amalgam Or Epoxy?

Wed Nov 14, 2001 11:31 am

My mother is a dentist...straight from a dentists mouth (haha)...Epoxy fillings are more likely to leak than a amalgam one...and the bigger a cavity is the less likely an epoxy filling would hold...I personally prefer epoxy too...they match the shade of your teeth and people have to really really look to tell you have a filling...
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RE: Fillings - Amalgam Or Epoxy?

Wed Nov 14, 2001 12:08 pm

My Dad is a dentist and a firm believer that amalgams are harmful to the human body, in the long run. We are not supposed to be exposed to have mercury (what the amalgams are composed of) directly in our bodies! He is also a firm believer that everything that goes on in your body is related to the mouth. There are meridians that connect each part of your body and when you trace them, they lead back to various parts of the mouth. One example of how this: One of my Dad's patients had chronic diarreah (sp?). No joke. The patient went to several doctors and went through several prescriptions, but nothing helped. My Dad cleaned up his mouth, took out amalgams, replaced some teeth etc. and the guy had no more diarreah.

If the epoxy composites are done properly, they will not leak. Btw, my own mouth is also free of amalgams. If anything, just don't accept amalgams for fillings of cavities.

(Mind you readers, this is my own opinion, and that of my father's.)
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RE: Fillings - Amalgam Or Epoxy?

Wed Nov 14, 2001 12:12 pm

whoa... freaky... i just got a filling yesterday and was gonna start a post about it.. .what are the chances...

good info...


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