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K-12 Student Unions - Please Reply!

Thu Nov 29, 2001 3:10 pm

As an extension to my most recent endeavor to attack the US' education system, which I lovingly call my "Manifesto", I thought up an idea. Students are not represented. Now if you said that about any business, it would be disgusting... but for some reason we have come to expect less from students. Well I say no longer! Students should unionize and defend themselves! And I am on the verge of getting the ball rolling. Does anyone agree? Or maybe there are students out there who would want to help?

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RE: K-12 Student Unions - Please Reply!

Fri Nov 30, 2001 5:45 am

It might work, but remember, unions are only as strong as the membership. You might get a few to lead and do all of the work, but the vast majority of a potential student union membership will be indifferent at best (and certainly hostile to the notion of paying union dues). Another point: as minors, potential student members would not enjoy the legal rights held by adults. Good luck, you will nee it.
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RE: K-12 Student Unions - Please Reply!

Fri Nov 30, 2001 6:01 am

It will not work. Look at the apathy at the university level. High school isn't a time for political activism. People are more concearned about getting their prom date and stuff like that. There's no time for activism at that age. I was stressed more in high school than in college. In high school I held a part time job and went to school and did extra curricular activities. You will find that most students won't care enough to put any time into it. "Sure, I'd like to march on the state capitol but I've got to work", or "I have football practice", or "I have too much AP Chemistry homework to do."

Also, what leverage would such a union have? It would be about as powerful as the Welsh Assembly. It's another case of "I'd like to help you son but you're too young to vote."

Also, don't the teachers' unions more or less represent the student interests anyway in regards to funding and quality of education?

I see a K-12 union as being nothing more than a popularity contest or a powerless outlet for a vocal minority. Remember, these are kids you are dealing with.

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