Neighbours Muppet

Thu Dec 13, 2001 9:59 am

Ok guys who is into neighbours? I am super hooked on this show! Flick is so hot, but the story is just too cool!
I am going to LA soon, and was going to ask you guys to keep me up to date on the goings on however learnt that you can do this on the BBC site! So I am super happy! What could be worse then 5 weeks with out neighbours?
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RE: Neighbours Muppet

Fri Dec 14, 2001 3:18 am

Hey Ianin,

I always hated Neighbours, until I started watching it a while ago. It is actually pretty good, beats some other soaps.

Flick isn't that nice, I mean, she is ok but there are nicer people in other programmes.

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RE: Neighbours Muppet

Fri Dec 14, 2001 3:58 am

I haven't watched that show in about 12 years...I didn't know it was still on.
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RE: Neighbours Muppet

Fri Dec 14, 2001 6:12 pm

I used to watch it on a daily basis, from when they started showing it at 5:35pm in the UK.

Then all of a sudden a few years ago, I realised I just didn't give a sh*t about any of the characters and stopped!
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RE: Neighbours Muppet

Fri Dec 14, 2001 6:47 pm

You mean the show with Kylie Minogue version 1.00 ? Damn, she looked cute then, though I thought she looked best at the Sydney 2000 closing ceremony. I loved the show, but STAR stopped showing it in India a few years ago and I haven't seen it on any channel in the US.

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