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FM Range

Mon Dec 17, 2001 11:50 am

Guess it depends on terrain, weather and season.
but whats the range of a typical FM radio station?

I was able to hear a FM station in the Lincoln tunnel which has tiled walls, was this due to the EMF bouncing off the shiny tiles?
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RE: FM Range

Mon Dec 17, 2001 11:55 am

They recently installed transmitters in the NYC tunnels so you can hear radio stations. It was impossible before.

But most major FM radio stations have a range of about 80-100 miles. Some more, some less, as you said, depending on terrain, power, market, etc.
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RE: FM Range

Mon Dec 17, 2001 1:18 pm

Yeah, there are a LOT of variables, but 60-100 miles is probably a good range.

FM stations (because of their higher frequency and different modulation) tend to need more power for distance, but do work better in city environments where you're always going under freeways and through tunnels, etc.

But AM stations (which broadcast at very low frequencies) do broadcast farther, just don't penetrate as well.

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