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Sat Dec 29, 2001 5:24 am

Anyone here into motorcylces? I am 18 years old and am thinking about getting a supersport bike like an R6 or GSX-600. Just wondering can anyone give me some more insight on this.
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RE: Motorcycles

Sat Dec 29, 2001 5:33 am

I only have a car, but a few kids I know have hondas. They switched over from the other brands because Hondas are very reliable, easy to find stock and aftermarket parts, and are inexpensive to buy.

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P.S.-Insurance will be a bitc*
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RE: Motorcycles

Sat Dec 29, 2001 6:22 am

I have been riding motorcycles for a few years now and I think they are great fun and practical too. I would advise you to read road test reports. Looks like you are looking for speed, but you also have to consider handling, durability, servicing and running costs. Good road test reports are your best bet. You may also consider taking an advanced riding test as you need to be particulary aware on the road especially on a high powered machine such as the one you are considering.

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RE: Motorcycles

Sat Dec 29, 2001 8:41 am

Aprilia is an excellent company, they are sports inclined but not toally performance oriented. They are also very good in terms of handling etc.. I think a 250cc is what you should be looking at for until you have more is law here that you can't have more than 250cc until you have your full licence, which means at least 2 years riding experience.
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