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Chat #aviationquiz

Sun Dec 30, 2001 1:57 pm

This is the newest of the chat rooms. Here, we run the Red Head script and have all sorts of good aviation questions usually between 20 and 40 of them in one quiz. It is really good to build up on your aviation knowledge and impress a few people. I have learned countless facts in the past few days. They take place 24/7 pretty much with the exception of about 11:00 PM - 4:00 AM CST. Those are the off-peak hours. So come on in. Beat me if you can.  Big grin  Big thumbs up
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RE: Chat #aviationquiz

Sun Dec 30, 2001 5:49 pm

I'll come.

It's great fun! Fantastic!
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RE: Chat #aviationquiz

Sun Dec 30, 2001 6:22 pm

I am usually one of the top contenders when Im in  Laugh out loud
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RE: Chat #aviationquiz

Sun Dec 30, 2001 8:59 pm

20 to 40 posts ? That is if Jim is not here bothering people... Laugh out loud
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RE: Chat #aviationquiz

Mon Dec 31, 2001 12:20 am

My good buddy Singapore_Air is in there?!?!?! Then so is KROC!

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