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Mousetrap-car Project Help...

Sun Jan 13, 2002 3:46 am

Ok, in my high school physics class I have to build a car powered only by a standard mousetrap. To get an A on the project it must go at least 10 meters. We must build everything from scratch, meaning we can't buy a mousetrap-car kit and build from there.

I was wondering if anyone on here has ever had to build or construct something similar to this, and if anyone knows of any good websites or 'insider' tips that would help me out, especially when it comes to building the axles and connecting them to the body. I have heard CDs with some type of rubber band around the outside work well for the wheels.

Also, what is the best way to build the body, and what type of wood would work best for it?

Any tip or little bit of info is welcome. Thanks!

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RE: Mousetrap-car Project Help...

Sun Jan 13, 2002 6:12 am

I remember doing this back in high school. My design beat out every one else's by a large margin and went about 25 meters. It also won the little "drag race" we had.

I had a foot or so long car, made out of 2in wide, by about 3/8in this balsa. Mounted on each end were ~1in diameter wheels on metal axles begin held in by eyebolts and lubricated with graphite (and lots of it). The mousetrap was towards the front with a ~1ft long pole attached to it. A string went from the end of the pole to the rear axle, where it was wrapped around. The string was on a slider (maximum distance when at the end of pole, more acceleration when farther down).

Wow, I'm suprised I remembered that so well.

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