Red Cross Visits Captives In Cuba

Sat Jan 19, 2002 10:47 am

So the Red Cross is visiting the "detainies" that are being held in Guantonimo Bay, Cuba. They are going there to check their physical condition, the living conditions, and to ask them questions relating to their capture and or surrender. Apperently the Red Cross must think there could be some reason for the U.S. to be treating these people less like "guests" and more like "prisoners".  Confused

What does the Red Cross expect for answers as to the treatment of the detainies and their condition? Would it make sense that these people will lie their buts off to try and cause the U.S. more problems. Maybe, try to get moved to a less "remote" location.

Really, I do not see anything wrong with the Red Cross going to check out the conditions, but to personally speak to these detainies is a little unnecessary.

What do you think?

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