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Mothman Prophecies Scores Well!

Mon Jan 28, 2002 1:24 pm

The last movie review I posted seemed to go over well, so I thought I'd try another one. This time, we're takin' a "look" at The Mothman Prophecies...

Mothman delights novice-suspense-film goers with its classic drop-an-anvil music and follows an irritating modern trend towards amateur footage filmed without the tripod or clear or constant focus, but if you can get passed the music, the melodramatic suspense, and the awkward and often dizzying filming style, the movie is surprisingly good. Aside from one 2-second long zoom-out view of a bathtub drain, the movie fits surprisingly well together, enough so that anyone with any experience in literary or cinematic preference can predict many of the movies events before they happen, perhaps one of the more incredible puns I've seen in any recently made movies. While it is very difficult to say what exactly the movie is about, the actors do an excellent job of portraying the emotions one might really feel in their shoes, and this adds to an already impressive degree of realism (augmented by some simply phenomenal special effects aggregated mostly around a last-minute bridge-collapse scene). Mothman's plot, or perhaps some newfound passion, force actor Gere to forgo his commonly soft-spoken nature and hollar from time to time.

On a more personal "what did I feel" level, I felt that the movie was a suspense/thriller which should have been a fatnastic voyage. The plot takes us through a countless number of classic "haunting moments" where everything is so perfect that you can easily predict that in a second someone is going to get beheaded, gutted, or run over. If you've seen What Lies Beneath, you know exactly what I mean by this. But with Mothman there's a whole new echelon opened up, because most of what is happening is real, not hallucinations or something similar, and often crucial to the plot and not excessively violent as is often the case with these sorts of movies.

In the end, the movie appeals both to those who like to have their nerves jumping constantly and to those who look for deeper intellectual appeal beacuse of it's ability to expand our thought on how and why things happen. And the fact that the entire movie is, somehow, based in fact, gives it a big boost.

So I'd recommend The Mothman Prophecies to just about any audiences. It has nothing innapropriate for just about any age group and some things which are simply worth hearing.
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RE: Mothman Prophecies Scores Well!

Mon Jan 28, 2002 9:39 pm

 Big thumbs up
Saw it this weekend and it was excellent!

I actually thought the music and sound design matched the overal feel of the movie better than many I've seen lately. The camera work and editing was also on, even though it looked slightly amateur, it didn't matter. What my fiance' and I really liked was the whole suspense build-up where no one lost their head or guts or other body parts...it was rather refreshing for a change.

I thought it was about that gut feel you get when you know something isn't quite right and the search to figure it out.

Anyways, just my 2 bits.
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