Just Saw 'Queen Of The Damed'

Sun Feb 24, 2002 3:23 am

Hey guys,

Just saw Queen of the Damed yesterday with a friend. I dunno, we both thought it was pretty good (haven't read the book yet so can't compare). The story line was a little confusing though. It wasn't as horrific or gothic as I had imagined it might be. Of course I thought AALIYAH played a great villeness (she looked awefully young to play the part though) she also look GRRRRREEAT too. The costume fit her pretty well. Wish she had bigger screentime, she was on screen till like an hour ten min. into the movie. She seemed really into her character, very convincing.

Stuart Townsend was pretty cool, he played his part really well i thought. His love interest though totally sucked in her part, not that great an acting ability. The overall setting was kinda strange and confusing at times. Anyway that what I thought, I would recommend seeing it!

Tell us what you think!
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RE: Just Saw 'Queen Of The Damed'

Sun Feb 24, 2002 4:10 am

Having read the book "Queen of the Damned" by Anne Rice, as well as the other books in the Vampire Chronicles series, I'm somewhat skeptical of the movie. Interview with the Vampire didn't QUITE follow the book as accurately as one might hope, but Anne Rice herself approved of the production. Not so with Queen of the Damned. Aaliyah playing Akasha is somewhat appropriate, as in the book, Akasha and Enkil (her consort) were quite young when the spirit with its taste for blood got into them. BUT...I haven't seen the movie yet, though it's drawn reviews so far which are far from raving.

What's missing is the movie version of "The Vampire Lestat," which precedes "Queen of the Damned" in the book series. That ties the whole storyline together. If the movie doesn't lead into it adequately, it will leave viewers confused as to who the characters are.

ANYWAY...I plan to see the movie out of curiousity.
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RE: Just Saw 'Queen Of The Damed'

Sun Feb 24, 2002 5:01 am

Just saw the movie with a friend last night and it was pretty good!!
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