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Political Moves Coming Our Way In Holland

Sat Mar 09, 2002 5:50 am

for all the Dutchies over here,

everybody who had the right to vote, who did you vote last wednesday??

personally, i didn't vote wednesday....not only because i had a busy day....but also because i'm not interested in the local city politics....i'm gonna vote in may when we can choose a new parlement

and what about "the man everyone talks about"....what do you think of Pim Fortuyn??

personally, because i'm from a ethnic minority myself, i'm not going all the way with some of the things he said(the Islam and the whole Multicultural "Drama")....

but there certainly are things (immigration because of the money, high criminal grades in the big cities, large waitlists in the medical world etc.) he actually have a point with that.....

what do you think of him?? Is Pim the man who can give our country the new changes we deeply want?? or is it just a all-in-one illusion man??
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