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Revenge Killing And The Police

Mon Mar 18, 2002 3:38 am

The police at present are on the trail of a guy who they describe as a serial killer after he has killed 6 gang members who murdered his father during a robbery. He left a note stating that all responsible for the death of his father will have to answer for what they did. The police are adamant that they will capture or if necessary kill him if they have to in order for him to be stopped. Most people don't resent him or think he is a murderer and feel the police may be going overboard in trying to get him. The feeling is, they should flush out the gangs first and let the guy go. What's your take?

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RE: Revenge Killing And The Police

Mon Mar 18, 2002 3:53 am

Okay, well I'm about to enter the academy this spring and I come from a family of police officers. My view is the guy is a moron. He is going to get himself killed, probably by the gang he is going after. I admit, I feel for him... they killed his father and he probably feels he is doing it for his father and doesn't care if he dies or spends life in prison. But he is not law enforcement and the law says those guys are innocent until proven guilty. The police can't blow a guy's head off even if they saw the guy commit the crime, he is still innocent until he is proven guilty. How does he know all the people he is killing were all involved in his father's death? They were not convicted of any crime and he is out right murdering them. Even if they are suspects or even if the police have said they are positive they killed his father, they still get their day in court. Personally, I couldn't care less about the gang member's lives if they are out killing people, but it is not right to hunt them down in cold blood. If they are going to die, let them get the chair or rot in a cell. The guy has ruined his own life now on top of his father's lost life, he did not make the right decision. If he knew where these guys were when he killed them, he should have notified the police and had them take care of it. But it's a tough call, no question.

RE: Revenge Killing And The Police

Mon Mar 18, 2002 4:12 am

Woah........he must be hurting pretty bad to be on this spree. But, by right he ain't supposed to be doing this as much as he hurts because he now has made himself a target for both the police and the remaining gang members. It's a sorry tale though.

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