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Experience With Lastminute Flights

Fri Apr 05, 2002 6:09 pm

My travel agency just messed up all my wishes for a flight to Seattle may 16th with return may 31st. Angry I'm going to cancel them if it's safe to rely on a lastminute ticket (from e.g. Lastminute.com) out of LHR or LGW? Does anyone in here have any experience, good or bad with last minute flights?


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RE: Experience With Lastminute Flights

Fri Apr 05, 2002 8:05 pm

yep, but it ages ago so may not be relevant.
I got 2 business class returns to Roma from LHR on British Midland for £90. Kind of a bargain.

The after sales and ticketing were fine though. No probs with them & their helplines were good too.

Just my experience tho, so not speaking for the masses.

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