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Pokemon TV Series

Thu Apr 11, 2002 7:19 pm

Okay, I admit I am addicted to this cartoon. I watch when I don't have to work. But I have a few questions. Our local WB station shows both Jhoto League and Road to Indigo. Who is Tracy on RTI and what happened to the other guy on JL? What relation is Misty to Ash? What powers does Tokapi have?
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RE: Pokemon TV Series

Sat Apr 13, 2002 1:14 pm

Ok, from what I remember a few years ago, Misty was the Gym Leader in Cerulean City. She was considered the black sheep of the 4 sisters that ran the gym, so she left and decided to follow Ash. Albeit she treated him like crap, they eventually liked each other.

Togepi is supposed to have a lot of powers, including a Metronome and a Psychic Attack.

After Brock left the group to work as the maid or whatever at that female Pokémon doctor's labs, Ash and Misty ran into Tracy, a Pokémon drawer. They met almost like they met that kid who took pictures of Pokémon. This time Tracy was a replacement for Brock, and subsequently stayed on the show for about a season or two.

Then I got bored with Pokémon. I still have my Pokémon cards, the first 1-151, and then half of the 152-251 cards, this latter half being in all Japanese, and the aforementioned half being a mix of English and Japanese.

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