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TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 12:29 am


good you describe the Television situation in your country ?

In Germany, we have about 10 national TV channels, which charge a fee of about 15 € every month. Some of them are regional, some others are for the whole country. Beside these, we have about 30 free TV channels with advertisement brakes. There are e.g. 5 Music channels, 2 news channels, a sport channel and so on. You can imagine, 30 channels are quite a lot...

And we have "Premiere", a pay-tv package. It has about 40 channels with movies, sports, music, porn and so on. They show movies about 1 year before you can see them on free TV. They also show for example the Formula 1 with 6 different camera angles at the same time (you can switch around yourself), and they show all Bundesliga Matches live. It costs about 20-30€/month.

Now tell about your country  Smile
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 4:26 am

I've always found the European tv system very odd - all those national stations they have. Here in Canada (and the U.S - it's the same), we don't have national tv stations - they're all privately owned.

Lets see, there's probably the 4 "big" networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX (obviously this number is debatable). Then we've got hundreds on top of that. Probably around 150 or more. Yes, that's right 150.

Most people probably just have basic cable which gets around 40 (?) channels.

Note: Canada does have ONE national station, CBC. There are also a few "educational" stations such as TVO and PBS, which are publicaly funded.
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:00 am

In Venezuela we have 3 big channels Venevision RCTV and Televen then there are about 4 or 5 more small channels too 1 for news 1 for cultural programming 1 for classic stuff and 1 for music (MTV like) they are all free to watch and they have a quite good choice of programs (that if Chavez is not talking for hours) then you can have cable or the dish and u will get all the goodies from US and Europe and rest of the world

there is also regional channels


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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:21 am

This is the TV in Holland:

The channels everyone in the country can recieve via Cable or Sattelite:

- 3 public networks: Nederland 1,2 and 3.....a lot of public broadcasting organisations are broadcasting on these 3 channels, a variety of organisations from news(NOS), big TV-shows(Tros) to Christian, Muslim and Hindu organisations

- 6 commercial TV-stations: RTL 4, RTL 5, Yorin, V8, SBS 6 and Net 5

- 2 stations especially for the kids!: Kindernet5(broadcasts on the channel of Net 5) and Fox Kids(broadcasts on the channel of V8)

- 2 Dutch Music stations, the Dutch versions of MTV: The Music Factory(TMF) and The Box, a pay-per-view music station, call and they will play your videoclip

Regional/Local TV:

- every region in the country has his own regional TV-network, which is available on cable, for example: Noord-Holland had TV Noord-Holland and Friesland (in the north part of the country) has Omrop Fryslan

- the 4 major cities in the country (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht) also has their own TV-network, for example: Amsterdam has AT5, Rotterdam has TV Rijnmond


- Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague also have a TV-network for the ethnic minorities living in the city, for example: in Amsterdam there is a channel with programmes for the Antillean, Surinamese, Turkish, Morrocan, Pakistani, African and Indonesian community, in own language, with religious programmes, movies and music

Pay per view/Digital TV:

- several Cable operators in Holland are offering Pay per view with the latest movies on demand and more channels via a special digital computer, channels like Travel, Fashion TV, VH1, TCM and channels for the several ethnic communities: Arabic channels like ART of MBC, Chinese channels like TVBS and PCNE, and Indian channels like Sony Entertainment TV and Zee TV


- about 95% of the people in Holland are watching TV via cable. Basic channels you can get on a cable network here are all the Dutch public and commercial channels I just noticed, several local and regional channels, Belgian, German and British public channels, Turkish, Italian and Arabic channels and the all-known stations like MTV, CNN, Eurosport, Discovery and Cartoon Network
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:23 am

Hey, Almere also has its own TV channel (plus radio).
So make that 5 major cities  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Most TV here sucks. I haven't turned my set on in over 2 weeks.
I wish I were flying
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:50 am

unless there is Cartoon Network ofcourse.....the greatest invention of the 20th century since the invention of the light!! Big grin
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:54 am

In the USA:

I. Big broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC)
-privately owned companies
-local affiliates are usually independently owned (usually by media companies that own many local stations with different network affiliations)
-networks provide shows and national news programming
-affiliates produce some local shows but are known mostly for their local news broadcasts (some FOX affiliates have local news, some don't)
-air local commercials and national commercials

II. Other broadcast networks (UPN, WB, Religious e.g. TBN, Foriegn Language e.g. Univision)
-many independently owned local affiliates
-still expanding into many local markets
-air network programming
-some may produce local programming or local news
-air many syndicated and re-run shows
-air local commercials and national commercials

-not for profit
-publicly funded educational programming
-nationally distributed programming
-lusually local operaters for particular regions with more than one broadcast station (e.g. Iowa Public Television, Kansas City Public Television)
-offers other special interest programming beyond national programming

III. Independent broadcast TV stations
-usually only in major markets
-air many syndicated and re-run shows
-usually no local programming
-air local commercials and some national commercials

IV. Cable and Satellite networks (CNN, Discovery, USA, ESPN, HBO, etc.)
-Available only through subscription services (Cable, Digital Cable, Satellite)
-Usually a basic package with 40 or so channels (news, sports, variety)
-offers premium extra subscription movie and porno channels
-Pay Per View options for movies, sports and porno
-air local commercials (by way of the local cable system) and national commercials
-very popular because of good picture quality versus recieving broadcast tv with an antenna.
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 6:05 am

Hi, Big grin

In Lithuania is one national channel LRT- Lithuania Radio and Television and there are three commercial channels:
LNK-Free and independet channel; TV3; BTV- Baltic TV.

Mikas  Smile

RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 6:16 am

To add to Transactoid's comments, Canada's system is becoming increasingly concentrated among several large companies.

There are two government-owned networks which have some local programming: the English-language CBC, which has most of its operations in Toronto, and the Montreal-based French-language SRC. Unlike PBS and some European government-owned networks, both CBC and SRC carry commercials.

CTV is a private network, founded in 1961. For years it was owned by its affiliates, who constantly fought. However, buyouts of those affiliates over the years have increasingly centralized the network. It has been taken over by Bell, the country's largest phone company.

Global is the 'third network', but the most profitable one. It and most (if not all) of its affiliates are owned by Canwest Global Communications, run by Izzy Asper and son Leonard. It also owns one national and several city newspapers (for which head office writes the editorials) and has extensive foreign holdings.

The Craig family shows signs of aspiring to own and run a fourth network. They've combined their Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton stations into a common 'A-Channel' brand, and just received a licence to start a new station in Toronto. If they can get their programs into three more markets, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax, they've got a solid basis on which to start a national network.
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:09 pm

Here in Austria we have officialy (!) only 2 terrestrial nationwide programmes ORF 1/2. The private operated ATV will go terrestrial in fall (private stations are local and only available on cable since a couple of years). Via satellite (Astra digital) i receive about 120 channels. If i would add Eutelsat digital with a second LNB, i could watch about 250 or more free channels.
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:15 pm

In italy we have 3 state TVs (RAI), 3 private national Tv belong to our prime minister (unbelievable!!!!) 2 or 3 more national TV (not belonging to our prime minister, but nodody looks at them), we have pay TV and PAY per VIEW, and lots of local, regional TVs.
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:42 pm

F.Pier, right! Unbelievable! But for our international friends we have to say that the owner of these 3 private channels (his name is Silvio Berlusconi, btw), now, as our Prime Minister, also controls the 3 public channels. Result: 6 of 7 main italian channels belong to ONE single man.
Unbelievable, isn't it?


P.S.: he is going to buy the ex Kirch channels in Germany. Sorry, german friends...
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 6:55 pm

In South Africa, you have:

SABC, has three channels, SABC 1, 2 and 3. Each one caters for different languages. SABC 3 is the English channel. You are supposed to pay your TV license for these channels.

Etv, which is a free national channel with it's base in Cape Town.

Mnet, which is a pay channel. I think it's the best of the lot. Mnet shows a lot of movies.

Dstv, which is satelite. You can pick up over 100 channels with Dstv, ranging from IQRAA (Arab TV) to the fashion channel.
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 7:42 pm

Hello this is the AUSTRALIAN situation.

There are 3 major networks,
Channel 9,
Channel 7,
Channel 10,
All 3 broadcast shows from the US, Friends, SATC, ER, Ally McBeal, and UK, plus about 20% of locally made content but these are usually copies of the rest of the world, Who wants to be a millionaire, Survivor, Changing Rooms, the programming is pretty much identical all over the country except for the news and adverts, and some locally made programs suited to the local market. Channel 9 holds top spot, with Channel 10 and Seven close behind, Channel 9 will usually win the ratings, with 7 2nd and 10 third, but some weeks they might change, all have about 10 minutes of ads per hour.

Channel 2 ABC, government owned no adverts, usually has shows that are usually not always popular, and might have arts type programs, If a program does get popular then it gets picked up by the big 3.

SBS, Special Broadcast Service, usually only found in the major cities. Broadcast Foreign language films, & programs with subtitles and also is heavily into soccer matches & reports, European League, English League major matches are on at least once a week.

The top 5 are available free to air.

Just recently last few years, Pay TV, cable in the cities & satellite TV in the country, have come into the market, Optus & Foxtel, each owned by rival phone companies. have a range of programs, Kids TV, CNN, BBC, MTV, Showtime, Discovery.

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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 8:39 pm

In Poland:
state owned public television with 3 channels: TVP1, TVP2 and TVP 3.
Private nationwide stations: POLSAT, POLSAT 2, TV 4, TVN, PULS.
Digital TV: CYFRA + (owned by CANAL+), POLSAT

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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 8:52 pm

Sorry, forgot to add state owned TV POLONIA devoted to Poles living abroad.
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 9:37 pm

"P.S.: he is going to buy the ex Kirch channels in Germany. Sorry, german friends..."

Our government has already said that they will not let Berlusconi buy Kirch. Imho that's right, we don't want the italian dictator here. I hope for italy that their people will vote out Berlusconi at the next elections, the general strike today is a good sign.

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RE: TV In Your Country?

Tue Apr 16, 2002 9:40 pm

In India: Around 100-120 Indian channels, most of them in Hindi, English and Tamil, but also in atleast 10 other languages.

Plus there are Western Channels like BBC, FOX and CNN, and most Arabic channels as well. Pakistan TV is also popular for their superb dramas.

My operator gives us around 130 channels in all.
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RE: TV In Your Country?

Wed Apr 17, 2002 6:57 am

"Murphy's US TV Law":

The more channels you have, the less there is to watch.
Next Up: STL-MIA-GCM-MIA-STL. Fun in the December sun! :santahat:
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RE: RackoTV In Your Country?

Thu Apr 18, 2002 12:47 pm

Dear Racko,
There's an annual book of world radio
and TV listing published in Denmark in English
called "World Radio And TV Handbook" .
You can get it at any technical bookstore
in any major German city. You can also
try your public library. It's quite possible
that they would have back-editions of it.
That book is an excellent reference on
radio and TV stations esp if you like to DX
or listen to shortwave.

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