Remember Queer Duck?

Sun May 05, 2002 4:23 am

A lot of you guys will remember Queer Duck from when it was appearing at Icebox. Then Showtime bought the rights to this series, and was only available on their website for viewing. However, if you lived outside of America, you couldn't gain access to the new series (currently up to Episode 18), even if you got to their site by using

Well, for those guys outside of America who want to have a look at the new series, you can do the following:

1) To download you will have to use a download managing program such as Getright or GoZilla. You CAN NOT enter the URL into your internet browser if you are outside America. The URL you enter into your download manager is where XX is a two-digit number (01, 02, etc up to 18)

2) Or you can download the individual files from my webspace. All files are zipped for size convenience and are scanned for viruses, but would advise you scan using your A.V. program as well

From the original Icebox series:

I'm Coming Out
Fiddler On The Roofie
Oh, Christ
Queer Doc
B.S. I Love You

From the new series:

The Gayest Place On Earth
Gym Neighbours
Queer As Fowl
Wedding Bell Blues - Gotta love Q.D.'s reasoning in this one...and features an airline called TWGay  Laugh out loud
Ku Klux Klan And Ollie
The Gay Road To Morocco - Gotta love the tune they use in this one
Quack Doctor
Oscar's Wild
A Gay Outing
Radio Head
Tales Of The City Morgue
Homo For The Holidays
Bi-Polar Bear And The Glorious Hole

Anyway, ENJOY!!! And let us know what your fave episodes are.


RE: Remember Queer Duck?

Sun May 05, 2002 5:05 am

What about Queer As Folk?
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RE: Remember Queer Duck?

Mon May 06, 2002 12:59 am



I have missed that funny stuff.

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