Your Weirdest/Wildest/Worst Student Summer Job?

Sat May 25, 2002 5:20 am

My wildest and shortest summer job had to be in 1985, when my friend Danny and I got hired on at a Dairy Queen, located in the middle of a large conservation area (park). We lied and said we had TONS of experience, and the goofus manager, all of 23 or so, gave us a chance. I was in the kitchen, grilling the Brazier Burgers, Danny was out front on cash, and making the ice creams (Banana Splits, etc). Well, 2 baseball teams came in at the same time (this is our first day, 4 hours into the shift) and we could NOT keep up with the food demands of over 50 people (parents included). Burgers were burned (I came so close to starting a major fire back in the kitchen), whipped cream everywhere (Danny totally screwed up the soft ice cream machine, causing the stuff to ooze out non-stop. The place was a disaster zone in 10 minutes! Customers were screaming for their food orders, and screaming at us. LOL! I will never forget this. The pimple faced manager (who looked like someone who would build bombs in his garage) went wild and totally freaked on us! We were laughing so hard, we were in tears! He literally, literally threw us out the front doors (no joke). We didn't know how we were going to explain to our parents that we were fired 4 hours into our first day. We sat in his car, smoking, panicking, and trying to think of what we would say. AAh, the life of a teen is SO Dramatic, no? So, we came up with the INGENIOUS idea that we would tell our folks the Dairy Queen burned down, just like that, up in a pile of Brazier Burger smoke. Of course, through no fault of our own. LOL. Seriously. We swore up and down this was true, that the manager started the fire. Our dads were highly suspicious, our moms were relieved we made it out alive, and sighed with relief when we told them no-one was injured. Man!, the lengths we went to NOT to have them know we were fired! They never found out the
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RE: Your Weirdest/Wildest/Worst Student Summer Job?

Sat May 25, 2002 5:25 am

That's what you get when you lie on a job application.

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RE: Your Weirdest/Wildest/Worst Student Summer Job?

Sat May 25, 2002 11:47 am

Canadi>nBoy, thank God you didn't start a fire or anything in the lower galley of the L1011!!! And to think I was most likely on one of YOUR flights! Sheesh!!!

I don't want to talk about my jobs at this point. I will get bitter very quickly!!!
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RE: Your Weirdest/Wildest/Worst Student Summer Job?

Sat May 25, 2002 12:05 pm

I was a rent-a-cop after my freshman year in college. I got fired at the end of the summer for watching tv on the job. It's pretty funny now.

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