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Thu Jun 13, 2002 6:57 am

Anyone here play the Bagpipes? I am seriously entertaining getting into this instrument, I love the sound. There was a guy when I was in the Airforce who played them and he was required to play them way out behind the flightline because they were so loud and distracting to the base in general. How much does a set of these things cost? How long will it take me too sound cool?

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RE: Bagpipes

Thu Jun 13, 2002 7:01 am

TechRep. Nice to know there are other bagpipe lovers out there. I actually knew a guy when I was in the Air Force as well who played them. He was allowed to play with a on base band though, so I guess he had it better than the guy you knew. Unfortunately I don't know anything about cost or how long it takes to learn them either.  Sad
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RE: Bagpipes

Thu Jun 13, 2002 7:04 am

I don't play the bagpipes...but my college's heritage is Scottish (The College of Wooster (Ohio)) so the bagpipes play a major role at events. For example, the pipers lead our football team on to the field, which the football players absolutely love. Big adrenaline kick apparently!

I heard it takes a long time to master them and that they are expensive. Even the kilts are expensive that my buddy's graduation present (among very few other gifts) was his own brand new kilt that he went to Scotland to pick up himself!
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RE: Bagpipes

Thu Jun 13, 2002 7:22 am

I knew a couple girls who played the 'pipes.

I can't play them, but I'm a huge celtic music fan, 'pipes included.
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RE: Bagpipes

Thu Jun 13, 2002 9:10 am

Doesn't moisture from your spit collect in the bag, cause fungus to grow and so give you a deadly lung problem? That's what I heard anyways....

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