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Tue Jun 25, 2002 12:03 am

Names like Bertha, Martha, Bruno, Horace, Blanche, Lester, etc are a thing of the past. NOBODY gives those names to their children anymore.

Now the current generations (20's-40's) have so called "common" names like Jeff, Jennifer, Matthew, Jason, Richard, Jessica, etc.

Now I'm starting to see a "new generation" of names popping up among the young of today. I don't remember many of them right off the top of my head, but if you think of Aliyah, Shakirah, or anything with the prefix of "Sha", "La", "Ta", etc, you'll be on the right track. Also, names ending in "ah" seem to be pretty common.

Three questions:

First, what are some more of these "new generation" names?

Second, why do names become passé over the years? 50 years ago, Bertha was probably a very common name. Now it carries the stigma of being old, fat, and ugly. How did that happen?

Third: Where do these "new" names come from?
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RE: Names

Tue Jun 25, 2002 11:36 am

i'll pass on the -qua type of names. also people are naming kids weird stuff like Peace, Harmony and other weird stuff. and lets not forget boys names that are going to get them beaten up (you can come up with a few)

I like normal/old fashioned names.

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