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Oh, Forgot To Tell You-Got My Hearing Aids

Tue Jun 25, 2002 4:46 am

A few weeks ago, someone started a thread about hearing loss, and I mentioned I was getting a pair of digital hearing aids. Well, I got them a week ago.

Interesting to hear sounds as differntly as I do now-I'm still not wearing them in crowed, public places, as they say you should work up to that-but I can hear my son's GameBoy music a room away, where before I couldn't hear it at all when I was 10 feet from it; I can hear the stairs creek when walking up them-I never knew the HAD a creek in them. I can hear much, much better.

I'm going in tomorrow, because I think the right one needs its volumn raised a little to be closer in volumn to the left on. And I've noticed that sharp sounds change the sounds in my aids as well. Plus, I sometimes get the sensation of being in a pressurized aircraft, as sounds can just change after a few minutes. Don't know if that's normal, but now, after a week, I have some concrete questions to ask. I'll give you an update!
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RE: Oh, Forgot To Tell You-Got My Hearing Aids

Tue Jun 25, 2002 5:07 am

Good for you, I've got some digital aids as well and I'm always shocked to discover I can actually hear myself type :-] It's good to be able to sit at the computer and hear the tv from a distance, or listen to the radio.

It takes some getting used to - let me know how you get along :-]

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