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Guitar Playing On The Street

Sat Jul 06, 2002 11:44 am

I have just taken up a new hobby. I like to play my guitars on the street.  Big thumbs up
I realized that people don't notice me when im playing quiet complicated finger picking songs, instead they like easier rythm strumming of more famous songs.
I was wondering if anybody here likes to do this also. What type of music do you play??

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RE: Guitar Playing On The Street

Sat Jul 06, 2002 2:33 pm

Guitar playing is nice. But playing on the street is dangerous! Try doing a gig at a coffee house or something, it is safer (and it pays too).

I have an old Gibson acoustic and play in a band occaisionally....

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RE: Guitar Playing On The Street

Sat Jul 06, 2002 7:31 pm

it is called busking I believe, You can actually make quite a decent amount of money for practising your friend made about $120 over 2h for doing that....pretty reasonable if you ask me
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RE: Guitar Playing On The Street

Sun Jul 07, 2002 1:16 am

I live right by the lake (Lake Michigan) and I hang out there about 3 times a week in the summertime. Usually, after 10PM all the guitar players come out and do their thing. Some of them plant themselves in the sand, some hang out by the rocks. But it is undoubtedly a very pleasant walk with all different types of music all over the place.
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