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Any Caption Ideas For These?

Sun Aug 11, 2002 12:40 am





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RE: Any Caption Ideas For These?

Sun Aug 11, 2002 3:07 am

1. On my signal, unleash Hell.
2. It's comin' right for us!
3. I know I should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque
4. Alright, while Joe's distracted by that jet, I'll french his wife.
5. Spuds Mackenzie wasn't too fond of the new beer popsicle.
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RE: Any Caption Ideas For These?

Sun Aug 11, 2002 3:23 am

1. "Last time I fly a no-frills carrier"

2. "If he didn't have a 10" ding-dong I wouldn't be out here bored to tears"

3. "I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque"

4."Planes are cooler than sluts, don't you think Earl?"

5. "You wanna lose that hand, dirtbag?"
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RE: Any Caption Ideas For These?

Sun Aug 11, 2002 6:59 am

#1. "I'm a pilot. I'm a pilot. Yeah... I'm a pilot. See... I'm a pilot." - The autistic ramblings of Planeman.

#2. "Hon, this'll be the last pic for today cuz I think I just impaled my sac on this damn fencepost."

#3. Young Saddam envisions the day when he will rule ALL of the middle east... starting with Iraq.

#5. "... Not after you just slobbered all over it."
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RE: Any Caption Ideas For These?

Sun Aug 11, 2002 8:59 am

1.What the hell am I staring at?!?

2.Hey that pilot in the plane is flipping me off.

3.Hmm lets see Baghdad: Home to Saddamland: The F*$&iest Place on Earth.

4.Guy with glsses: Why can't I have a normal family?

5.Dog: WTF are you trying to feed me!
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RE: Any Caption Ideas For These?

Mon Aug 12, 2002 1:21 pm

1. I really need some new glasses
2. Honey, I will never ever try and jump a fence again!
3. Okay, do I have any other choices for vacation?
4. (guy in glasses) I don't know these people
5. (the dog) Can't I have my own?

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