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Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mon Sep 09, 2002 10:24 am

Well i got my first vehicle the 2001 laredo V6. I really never noticed how much gas those things burn till i have to fill the tank. Are there any other grand cherrokee owners out there with some gas saving tips maybe like ie. Turning 4wd off or something? And any other misalanious tips. Do you like owning the Jeep? Has anyone ever taken it off raod and iff so how well did it perform. Any other comments.
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RE: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mon Sep 09, 2002 10:35 am

I thought Cherokees were decent on gas?

Anyway, congrats on your new vehicle, Jeep makes high quality products which are proven and very capable off road, a friend has a Wrangler and it's awesome.

For better fuel mileage try a few of these:

- use the vent instead of the A/C
- drive the speed limit
- don't jack-rabbit (full throttle starts)
- avoid using cheap gas like RaceTrac
- change you oil every 3K miles

Good luck with your Jeep.
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RE: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mon Sep 09, 2002 11:03 am


I have something about you're "drive the speed limit" comment.

I went down to NYC this weekend as I often do, and in my Passat I got a mega 31.8 mpg using Premium gasoline in my 1.8 turbo 170 hp engine going a constant 85 miles per hour from Syracuse to NYC taking 81 south to highway 17. When I drive slower, say around 65 miles per hour I usually get about 31.9 or 32.0 mpg. The difference is so minute that it doesn't matter. (on my recent trip, the AC was on...I got sick of the radio being so high and hearing rice rockets farting)

Also with the change your oil every 3k miles comment...

In the Passat, I change it every 5,000 miles and it actually is a waste of money to change it every 3k miles. It's a long time debated discussion on when to change your oil, however many of my fellow VW Vortexers all follow (or most) the 5,000 mile oil change in our Passat.

Agreed, AC is a waste of gas when you don't need it.

The 4x4 capabilities in the Jeep is great, however don't expect it to be like a Wrangler. Casual off roading is more suitable (I.E.-getting to your fishing spot that you normally couldn't get to with your car and then some.)

Try and find a great Jeep owners website. I use one called VW Vortex at and use their forums to get advise on mods, fix it questions, etc. I am sure there is one for Jeeps.

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