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A Few Quotes Of Note Today

Thu Sep 12, 2002 11:44 am

Hi folks,
I have been watching a little of the television covergae tonight on 9.11 and the year that has since past, and as usual, there was a lot of patriotism, a lot of testosterone, some anger, some sadness and much rememberence. Over the course of the night, there were two quotes that stuck out for me that I thought I would share.

The first one was John Ashcroft talking to Larry King, and they were talking about the political and media hits that Ashcroft takes for his decisions, and he said :

"Vigorous debate about what we do, is the lifeblood of what we are"

I thought about it for a while, and in truth it is a very obvious statement, but very relevent statement. In democratic countries, we are allowed to have this sort of debate, to question everything we are told and to choose whether or not we like it, agree with it, fight for or against it, we can voice our opinions freely, and we can make changes to it via elections if we want to.

At the moment, most arabic countries, most communist countries and whole host of other dictatorships, deny their citizens right to information, and feed them whatever information that they want the people to have. If you disagree with the state, you are often jailed or killed.

You take the poverty in Iraq, those poor people living in poverty, in need, and they believe that America is too blame, that Israel is to blame, that the west is to blame. Billions of dollars per day come into Iraq for oil, yet these people don't get fed..why ? it is the fault of the west...

We often talk about what freedom and liberty are about, and why it is great to live in America or Britain, and it's true.

The second one I suppose struck me for different reasons. While I suppose an obvious sentiment, it sometimes needs to be remembered. Lisa Beamer and the 911 Verizon womam were discussing living in the moment and:

"History does not remember our dreams, our plans and what we were going to do, it only remembers what we have done and what we are doing, and we really need to remember to get doing the things we want to, and live in the now moment because who knows what is around the corner"

These sentiments are obvious, but just because it is obvious, doesn't mean that we do them. This may seem a bit garbled, but it was in my mind so I spoke it.... that's allowed here

enjoy yourselves folks


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