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1952 Fender Telecaster Re-issue (Roy Buchanan)

Sat Nov 09, 2002 6:29 am

Here is a link to a Fender Guitar my friend will be selling on EBAY. The Guitar was owned by Ray Buchanan and there were only 4 made in this type. (Please note the grain all the wood was hand picked)

The four originals were given to:

0001 Leo Fender
0002 James Burton
0003 Roy Buchanan
0004 Steve Cropper

The guitar came with the following:
1) Picture of Roy (beard/hat) and current owner making trade.
2) The original add featuring the artists to receive the guitars, with a greeting under Roy's name that says. "I hope you like the guitar" signed Roy Buchanan.
3)Receipt of the sale in Lovettsville VA, stating:
sold to: Roy Buchanan
date: 06-29-82
terms: trade
description: 1982 Fender "Vintage" Telecaster w/case Ser#0003
1982 Fender Telecaster Custom w/case Ser#S816709
Signed owner
Signed Roy Buchanan
4) Certificate of Authenticity from Fender

Roy owned and played the guitar for two years and if you have to ask who Roy Buchanan is please refer to the PBS special "the worlds greatest unknown guitarist". Among Roy’s accomplishments included an invitation to join the Rolling Stones and numerous accolades as one of the greatest modern guitar players to ever live.

Price starts at 50K anyone care to comment on the guitar or Ray Buchanan?

Please hit "show all" to see all the photos.
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RE: 1952 Fender Telecaster Re-issue (Roy Buchanan)

Sat Nov 09, 2002 7:16 am

WOW!  Wow!
That is a sweet guitar!  Smokin cool

I use a Gibson ES-330 and Fender Stratocaster no big deal
Also a Rickenbacker 4001 Bass.

The sound of the Telecaster is realy growing on me. The one your freind is selling is my favorite color combination. I played a 1957 Telecaster at a guitar store here in the city and I played it for an hour. I couldn't put the thing down. It really sounded sweet!
I've always like the fat bluesy/jazz tone that Gibson hollow bodies have.
The Telecaster has a very twangy treble spound. They sound better than any other guitar that goes fo that tone.
Bring back the Concorde

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