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Need Some Help For A Report

Tue Dec 03, 2002 6:39 pm

Hey guys, I am taking this art class over at the university.

The teacher is a pretty nice person but one of these "New York High Art" types.

Anyway, I have to do this report on an artist next week. I was going to try and do it on Bob Ross but she nixed that idea.

So I went with Bill Mauldin. He was a cartoonist for Stars and Stripes during the war.

Anyway I have a copy of Up Front which has a lot of his cartoons in it, and I have a copy of Bill Mauldin's War on order at Barnes and Nobel. I have the background info on him and his run in with Patton over his cartoons.

Anyway it is the Patton thing I need. I need to get a copy of the cartoon that set Patton off. It was of Bill's famous characters Willie and Joe in a Jeep looking at a sign showing all of the penalties for being out of uniform that Patton was having enforced on the 3rd Army. If somebody can point me to a website that has it posted or can scan a copy of it and send it to me it would be much appreciated.

Oh I was planning on using powerpoint and a projector for this project so I was thinking about having some appropriate introduction music.

So that is the other thing that somebody can help with me with.

Does anyboyd have a .wav or MPEG of the theme to Hogan's Hero's?

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