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What To Make About This Article On Models?

Sun Dec 29, 2002 5:15 pm

Please read it first, then read my following opinion (it will make sense that way):,6903,824989,00.html

To add on to that, I recently saw a piece on E! (I think it was) that dealt with opinions of so-called model talent scouts on where the best looking girls were in South America. They mentioned how in south Brazil, Uruguay, etc there were such concentrations of pretty girls with 'european' looks, but with a stereotypical latin passion which makes them very appealing.

The article descriptions though just strike me. Phrases like 'aryan features' and 'european mindset' to ascribe as the reasons for why girls in these places are favored over girls from other areas in South America baffle me somewhat. What is it that they really mean by all that gibberish? No matter what explanations were given, in the end I still came out with the impression that those scouts purposely go to certain selective places to offer their 'labor opportunities' and ignore others for questionable reasons.
I'm am unsure as to conclude if that is a form of discrimination or not.

On face value, I think it is because it's very clear that south Brazil and Uruguay have a high european ethnic component compared to the rest of Latin America, and to have a disproportionate number of models coming from a minority ethnicity of caucacians (notable exception in this discussion Argentina) in a mostly mixed continent seems just too obvious not to point out as kind of convenient. One the other hand, is this just because the target markets are in fact 'caucasian' ones (Europe, North America) so that the use of these models in marketing goods has to involve having the 'european' look?

Honestly, the fact that the article points out that 4 in 10 brazilians are black, and that 50% of these models come from a 6% population area (and Uruguay with a 3 million population) makes me think that if this were happening in the United States, by now we would have had a huge massive outcry and denounciation about it. How things are seen differently in different places...
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RE: What To Make About This Article On Models?

Sun Dec 29, 2002 6:17 pm

Model scouts contact girls that confirm to the guidelines set in their instructions from their contractors.

The type of girl the fashion designers want to have changes over time. A few years ago they wanted Asian girls, at some point they wanted black girls.
Currently they want European style girls, but looking like they're suffering from terminal drug addiction.
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