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11 Unrelated Questions, The Last One Is Buggin' Me

Sat Jan 11, 2003 1:50 am

Please answer as many as possible:

1) Are there materials that are as flexible as latex and as strong as any modern usage metalloids?

2) Have you ever injured your self during masturbation? Was it pink? Do you consider yourself dominant or submissive? Do/Can/Should guys cry “rape”?

3) They say in science that we can prove perform a test a thousand times to prove something right but only once to prove it wrong (i.e. gravity), can this apply to politics? Can this apply to YOU? Hmm?

4) Does time exists, or did we make it up to understand nature? Do you exist, or did God make you up so HE could understand YOU? (Who else could...?)

5) Do you bite your fingernails? Do you think that is healthy?

6) What's the longest you've got without food? Are you crazy?

7) Want to hear a joke? Oh I get it, you think you can make better jokes, huh?

8) How many times have you seen “?” in this post?

9) How many times have you read this post? How many replied by the time you got here? Do you plan to see this tomorrow?

10) Have you ever put ice in between a woman's legs just to keep her crabs fresh? Is THAT healthy?

11) I’ve noticed that when I find out that a girl has a boyfriend, I don't generally care; but when I find out she has a girlfriend, I get jealous. This is for real; you’ve got to help me out here.

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RE: 11 Unrelated Questions, The Last One Is Buggin' Me

Sat Jan 11, 2003 3:31 am

In answer to 6) I have gone for 3 days without food. And, yes, I am crazy!
In answer to 11) When I see a hetero couple holding hands, I am cool with it but when I see two guys holding hands, I get jealous and want to slap both of them. It has to do with something we cannot/do not have. That is how badly I want a partner. How badly do you want two women? Seriously.
In answer to 5) Yes. Everyone does it.
In answer to 2) if ANYONE says "stop" or "no" it is rape.
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