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Help With PC Upgrades

Sat Jan 18, 2003 12:45 am

I'm thinking of upgrading my PC mainly for the purpose of good graphics and speed in gameplay. My current PC has a 550MHz Pentium 3 and an NVidiaTNT 16 mb graphics card. What do you reckon needs to be done?? Could you give me prices for just buying them?? (UK £ would be nice!)

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RE: Help With PC Upgrades

Sat Jan 18, 2003 6:44 am

New graphics card w/ at least 64MB memory on it - about £40 for a full kit.

Not sure if you'd be able to get a new processor - If your motherboard will take higher speed CPUs, you would have to get one on Ebay as Intel don't make the P3s.

I would recommend a new motherboard such as an AMD Athlon board, if you look hard enough, you might be able to get yourself a deal on the board and a chip say 2GHZ or something just less than that for about £150. That may involve purchasing some new RAM sticks because it may take DDR RAM (but you may be able to use the SDRAM in your current motherboard too)

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