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Help! Troubles With My Computer

Wed Jan 29, 2003 3:49 am


I've got two problems on my computer. I've got Win98
-Every 5 minutes appear on my desktop the window to connect Internet and so I must press 10 times the cross to close this window.
What can I do?

-I'm not able to change my main page on Internet explorer. I write, for example www.airliners.net but when I restart my computer I find the previous main page.

I tried to delete all my download files but nothing has improved.

Any help?

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RE: Help! Troubles With My Computer

Wed Jan 29, 2003 3:58 am

OK, we can fix this. All you'll need is some duct tape, a stainless steel (for god sakes, DON'T use a silver) butter knife, some bailing wire, and a 5 pound sledge hammer. Alright, ready?

Seriously, with Winblows 98 it's hard to track these little gremlins down most of the time. Try service packing the hell out of it. If that doesn't work, now would be a good time to upgrade to a more stable OS, like Linux, or if you need M$ products, Windows 2k. Back when I ran 9x, I would have to format and reinstall on the average of every 6 months to keep it running smoothly, and still restart every 24 hours. Now, with 2k, I've been running the same load for 19 months, and never restart.

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RE: Help! Troubles With My Computer

Wed Jan 29, 2003 6:12 am

I definitely agree with Mike. Get a newer Win, it'll be a lot more stable and do the things you want it to do more often.

As for your problem, I think that you got some kind of trojan or whatever. Been to a suspicious site recently? Such as a pop-up featuring those err... specific women? Then clicked one of the famous 98 dialogues away? It may have happened that you did some "irreversible" change to your Internet Explorer that makes it want to go to a specific site every five minutes or so; I did too once or twice. Back in Win98 times, though.

Maybe deinstalling as much of the iexplore as possible can help; then re-install it from a trustable source. If you feel lucky, try a search in your reg. It'll take a while, but sometimes really helps you fix problems. Or just go ahead and re-install your entire OS, apps and so on... Quite nasty, but that's the only definite solution.

Did you manage to delete your downloaded files but it didn't improve a thing, or could even that not be done?

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