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I Love Espn Classic

Wed Jan 29, 2003 2:03 pm

I really don't watch any TV, but recently I started watching ESPN Classic. This channel ROCKS. They only show all the GOOD games/events ever played, what could be better?

I saw The 1982 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship NC v Georgetown, I read about this game when I was little, it was cool watching it on TV. Some freshman named Michael Jordan only scored 10 or 12 points, it was funny to hear the announcer say, "Jordan is underestimated by many people, but he's not that bad." I see why they started with the shot clock in college basketball, NC was wasting so much time with their "four corners" crap. Patrick Ewing goaltended the hell out of the ball.

I also saw Muhammad Ali get his ass beat in 1980 by Larry Holmes, that was pretty suprising to see.

It doesn't get any better than watching old NFL games. I saw so many great games I can't remember what they were. Watching NFL Films game summaries also kick ass. Only NFL Films can make any mundane play look like the most amazing thing ever with their movie-like slow motion and their one-of-a-kind narrator voice.

I love when they showing old games between two teams the day of the live game between the two same teams. I've seen old Georgia Tech games right before the played the same teams that day. I just wish Tech was as good as we used to used  Sad

Sports Century highlights the careers of the greatest people in sports.

They need to show more old soccer games, or at least old World Cup matches, I could watch those all day.

Anyone else like watching ESPN Classic?

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