The Guardian: Blair Must Check Bush's March To War

Thu Jan 30, 2003 1:29 pm

Here's an interesting editorial from Britain's left-of-center The Guardian:

FULL EDITORIAL:,12820,885068,00.html


"Right now, this war is wrong because it weakens the very democracy for which we are summoned to fight. If democracy's good health were the arbiter, Mr Blair would not be currently blocking out the roaring surge of opposition in Britain and around the globe. There would be a free, prior parliamentary vote on any proposal to send troops into combat. Right now, the country is deeply divided on this question, the armed forces under-prepared and equipped, the aims blurred and unconvincing, the likely consequences as incalculable as they are potentially dire, and the exit strategy remains unrevealed."

"War cannot and should not always be avoided. Here is no argument for a blanket pacifism; this newspaper supported the Kosovo intervention and the 1991 Gulf conflict. But war must be a means of last resort, when all else fails. That moment has not yet come. It may never do so. War, as in Mr Bush's careless hands, must not be an option of choice, dubiously decreed, pre-emptively and partially prosecuted, and electorally exploited. Have we learned nothing from the past? Did history somehow stop on September 11? Are we, the British people, so vicariously panicked by the Bush administration's global fright that we forget the lessons of reconciliation, humility, tolerance and common sense belatedly grasped at the close of our own imperial era? This is not to be "anti-American". It is to be pro-American in that country's best, egalitarian tradition."

What does everyone -- and particularly's British members -- think about this? Is the Guardian right?
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RE: The Guardian: Blair Must Check Bush's March To War

Thu Jan 30, 2003 7:37 pm

The Guardian is 100% right. But this is not a blinding flash of insight, this is a universal view, albeit very articulately expressed. It is not anti-American to want them to stop this fatally stupid march to an imperial war, I think it's pro-American. I like the American people on the whole and I don't want them to go through more September 11s, which they will if their leaders continue on their present path.
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RE: The Guardian: Blair Must Check Bush's March To War

Thu Jan 30, 2003 9:16 pm

The paper is just expressing the views of most of the population, and seriously for Blair, most Labour MPs and probably a good portion of the cabinet.
Another pro-Labour paper, the tabloid Daily Mirror, is much more aggressive in it's attacks on Blair and Bush, but using the likes of John Pilger to write articles does not help their credibility, I prefer the Guardian's style of criticism.
Anyway, Piers Morgan, the editor of the Daily Mirror, has fallen out with Blair, so their slant on this has as much to do with wanting the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, to succeed Blair, as Iraq.
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RE: The Guardian: Blair Must Check Bush's March To War

Fri Jan 31, 2003 12:38 am

Well, I'm not british, but this editorial perfectly represents my opinion.
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RE: The Guardian: Blair Must Check Bush's March To War

Fri Jan 31, 2003 12:50 am

I heard British MP George Galloway, a well known maverick, call Britain an "American Tumour in Europe" on a radio interview at lunchtime.

Whilst I find this analogy repulsive and inaccurate, I do believe that the Guardian's editorial reflects the view of the people and nations of the UK.

I also think that Blair is finished if he goes ahead with the will of the US and goes to war without a further UN resolution


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