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Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" Re-release!

Sun Feb 09, 2003 5:18 am

Kino is releasing what is supposed to be the most "authentic" version of this movie on Feb. 18. I've got a crappy version from the 80s featuring non-original subtitles and I think a score by Queen...........

Before I run out an buy this though, I just want to make sure this is indeed what it is claimed to be. Can any film buffs out there reassure me that this is er, will be) the deffinitive version?
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RE: Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" Re-release

Tue Feb 11, 2003 3:18 am

Sorry, can't help. But I look forward to hearing from you if you actually make up your mind to buy a copy.  Smile
There are so many horrible versions of the incredible "Metropolis" out there ... it's a shame.


And btw: Visit the "Filmmuseum / Deutsche Kinemathek" at Sony Center, Potsdam Square when you happen to be in Berlin! Big grin

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RE: Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" Re-release!

Tue Feb 11, 2003 11:59 am

The problem as I understand it is that there isn't a complete print of the movie in existance because it was severely edited when first released for the N. Am market and the cuts lost, so any "new re-release" is always going to be a compilation.

Last month our local community TV station showed a version that sounds like the 80s one you have. The film is "shaded" with different colours "to reflect the atmosphere of each scene", or some such BS. It had a modern soundtrack which wasn't too bad but when combined with obviously extended subtitles and dialog frames seemed to dumb down the whole effect and message. Like, we can't expect the audience to think for themselves so we have to explain it all to them.
However, quality of the actual shots was good compared to some very bad fragments I seen over the years. It also included still photos from the original inserted to replace missing edited out scenes which improved continuity and restored some completeness to the story.

Be interesting to see what this "new" release provides.

Whatever, it's still a great piece of cinema.
"Metropolis" and "Run Lola Run" great examples of German film making.

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RE: Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" Re-release!

Wed Feb 12, 2003 12:57 pm

Well, I bought it, so I can let you guys know.

Supposedly its "as complete as possible". It hasn't been altered in anyway. It has the original musical score and original title cards, and is the longest version currently available.

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