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My Views After Six Months

Thu Feb 13, 2003 6:49 am

Well, it has been six months since my last post on this or any other forum on I decided not to post anymore since certain questions by me were never answered.

I was also not treated well by certain members and moderators. Whom I might add, still roost here and still wave the flag of “rules”, rules they seem to so blatantly ignore.

I have watched from far the antics of members on these forums. There has been lying, people misrepresenting themselves, throwing threats, ganging up on others via e-mails, directing foul language at others, members intentionally trying to incite others, issuing insults seeming at whim and with no penalty. Take a look at some of the posts and take a look at the archives. Offensive I would say!

You wonder why people leave and never come back, or at least limit their postings?
Yet this poor behavior is still allowed to exist. Why? This site and its forums could be great.

I have had the chance to visit and participate in several forums elsewhere. Both in aviation and in non-aviation alike. The civility there is wonderful. Rules are followed and adhered to. What a joy!

I am going to add this also, since I think it can do some good when people recognize what others (consumers) are saying about your business. (Yes is a business).

This reviewer I feel makes some great points.

From a review at

“Having visited this site for over 4 years the quality of content is quite poor. Yes there are some nice photos but on the whole the site lacks professionalism in what it takes in. Poor moderation of the forums and a site administrator that fails to live up to his subscribers expectations (yes he begs for money to have free access) are just a few sticking points that get in the way of making the site it "wants" to be. Recognizing the paying (subscriber) consumers concerns on this website are never acknowledged. Go elsewhere for photos, quality and decorum. Just one star, nothing more.” Pantako

So, why post this now, after all these months? Why not? I want this site to be better and the forums to be a place where respect reins. Great photos, but the forums? They need to be worked on.

I am still hoping….and waiting, for a better well moderated forum with respect shown for others and their viewpoints.

I think I’ll give it another six months.

Have nice day

"You Can't Beat The Experience"

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