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Detention Can Be FUN!

Thu Feb 13, 2003 12:12 pm

Well...this story is very long! This story was written by Bill Cosby from Chicken Soup for the teenager soul!

"Detention was really fun today," my son Ennis once told me, as if talking about a yacht club." All the best people were there."
"I thought it was supposed to be for PUNISHMENT," I said.
"Oh, it can be for that too - if your friend aren't there or if Mrs Piano is in bad mood."
"She's the warden?"
"That's funny, Dad. They'd love you in detention because they love to have a good laugh."
"Yes, every prison needs some laughs. Tell me why did you happen to get this particular honor today?"
"Dad, detention isn't anything bad."
"Sorry, I've been confused. So why were you invited to cocktails there?"
"Dad, you kill me."
"Don't rule it out."
"Well, today's detention…"
"You get detention every day?"
"I told you: it's nothing bad. Maybe it was in the Middle Ages, but believe me, it's changed."
"I believe you."
"Today I got it for throwing a book at James in history. Can you image that? Mr Weinstock gave it to me just for throwing a book. I mean, a grenade I could understand."
"Just for throwing your history book?"
"Oh no, I don't have one of those."
"You're waiting for it to come as the Book-of-the-Month?"
"No, I lent it to Aaron."
"Well, he is trying hard to remember what he did with it. We've definitely ruled out his locker' cause there's no more room in there; and he doesn't think he left it at the mall."
"That's where I'd look for it."
"Anyway, Dad, I gotta tell ya the really great thing that happened there today. Jenny and George both got detention together. And they're going steady, y'see…"
"Like Bonnie and Clyde."
"Shakespeare, right?"
"Anyway, Jenny and George, they're two of the regulars, but mostly not together: one of 'em usually takes it free period and the other one after school. But today they were in sync."
"A penal Madam Butterfly."
"Shakespeare, right?"
"I'll look it up."
"Well, in the middle of the period, Jenny wrote George a note saying how much she loves him, and Mrs Piano got her hands on it and she wanted to give him detention, but he already had it."
"A problem for the High Court. Does the Constitution protect you against getting detention in detention? Is it double jeopardy?"
"Dad, we're not talking about a quiz show here. Anyhow, George did something beautiful: he took the blame."
"How could he do that?"
"He said he wrote the note."
"But it was to him. He said he wrote the love letter to himself? You get more than detention for that."
"Well, it worked. It got Mrs Piano mixed up so she didn't add any more detention."
"She probably wanted to be home by dinner."
"That's the kind stuff that happens in detention, Dad. It's great place to do schoolwork, if you ever have any, but you can also have some laughs."
"I can't image why a student would want to be anywhere else."
"You're probably kidding, but neither can I."

Bill Cosby

Author: Canfield J, Hansen M, and Kirberger K (1997).
Title:Chicken Soup for the Teenager Soul.
Publisher: Health Communication Inc (United States of America).


RE: Alas...Detention Is Not FUN!

Thu Feb 13, 2003 1:23 pm

I have a detention Friday night from 7-9pm!  Sad

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RE: Detention Can Be FUN!

Thu Feb 13, 2003 1:54 pm

Due to the lack of a functioning HTML, I have been forced to resort to this:


Yeah, cut and paste is a be-otch.

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