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Countries Supporting America On Iraq?

Thu Mar 06, 2003 5:51 am

Ok, I accept the fact that the US and UK wish to depose Saddam Hussain, and stand to gain a lot off the occupation of Iraq, particularly oil and strategic influence in the region. My question is what do other countries have to gain through supporting the attack? What do Italy and Spain in particular gain from it, these days not being aggresively hunting global influence? Do the eastern European countries support the war only to demonstrate their relationship with the US? What do Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey stand to gain? I read somewhere even Japan is sending support forces to the Persian Gulf. Am I missing anybody? Anyway, I'm interesting to hear your opinions and logic, but not your flame-baits please.
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RE: Countries Supporting America On Iraq?

Thu Mar 06, 2003 10:07 am

I think not having Saddam in power the whole world benefits!
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RE: Countries Supporting America On Iraq?

Thu Mar 06, 2003 10:34 am

The important issue for the US right now is an economical one. If the US does not get UN authorisation and decided to go on alone (with the UK), the re-build-up of Iraq would be of these countries responsability. If the UN were to authorise the use of force, the UN would be responsable for this.

Italy and Spain, IMO, believe they will gain from it on the long run as they will have a much better relation with the US. It's a bit 'I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine' here. Of course, Italy and Spain believe their respective countries will be better off in the end.

The smaller former Eastern European countries all want to become a member of NATO. Now with the US being the biggest NATO member, they have to do something to 'make a good impresion'. Also, these countries have a terrible economy. They'll do anything to try and make it better.

Countries like Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia are all in a very different and difficult position, their governments that is. Saudi Arabia specially. They already have a pretty good relationship with the US and would like to maintain that. However, with the US appearantly wanting to get rid of the dictators in the Middle East, they are incomfortable, as their government isn't exactly a democracy. The fear that any chance in the region can cause internal affairs which could undermine their relatively safe position.

Just my thoughts on this.
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