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Odds On The Brink

Tue Mar 11, 2003 6:32 am

US Forces have synched up to "all Zulu" time, the UN has become a hopeless mumble of self-interested ying yangs and Tony Blair dangles hopelessly in the wind, hooked irreversably to the Bush war machine.

In the words of a certain lovable swine from our long ago innocent youth, "that's all folks"....we is goin' to war.

Figuring last minute odds here......

PIECE OF CAKE...........20 %
A FEW SURPRISES.......30 %
QUICK BUT UGLY.........30 %
BLOODBATH................19 %
WORLD WAR III.............1 %

My position, one last time: Saddam and his regime are a threat worthy of dispatch. Yet a testosterone laden collection of Bush-leaguers have squandered the ideas that could effect that change without large scale war, have squandered our nation's global prestige , have pandered to stealth special interests who will benefit most from regime change in Iraq, and have blatantly usurped the fear and anger of September 11th to get their way.

I did not hire a President to recklessly bet the farm, regardless of outcome. (Nor, I'll remind you, did a majority of us.) But my venom is for him & his policies, not the men and women who sit 8,000 miles away ready to do his bidding. The American President wants a war. As an American citizen, I'm going along for the ride, like it or not....

To those who wanted this, congratulations, it's your show now. To those, both inside and out of the US who didn't want it, better luck next time. All I can say is you better stop treating this President and his people like some clueless hillbilly. He's getting his way on everything, to the long term peril of us all.

My prayers to our soldiers sailors and airmen, and to those here(myself included) who have friends & loved ones in harm's way. My prayers to our nation and her people, now more than ever a target in the crosshairs.

While I won't stop posting, this is the last "War Or Not"related post from me. Time to collect loose items and sit the F/As down. It gets bumpy from here.
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RE: Odds On The Brink

Tue Mar 11, 2003 6:36 am

In the words of Simpsons TV commentator Kent Brockman....

"Only time will tell...."


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