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FBI New Iniative On Terror

Wed Mar 19, 2003 8:44 am

There was a piece in one of our papers toaday about the FBI DEMANDING to know every meal that has been ordered on a flight that terminates in the US.

The reason, should a halal meal be ordered then, according to them it could mean something!!

The airlines also said that they were between a rock and a hard place as to give out info would put the in breach of the Data protection act and if they didnt the FBI would have something to throw at them. apparently now that problem has been overcome.

The FBI response was if you dont like us knowing your meal take sandwiches.

Now i may be a trainee old fart BUT what good will this do?

Now every bloddy terrorist on his way to the US will either

Not Eat anything on the flight... a bit risky there methinks

Eat fruit only.. I am a veggie Terrie!!

Or eat sandwiches

All of these ruses gets him past the all seeing powerful eye of the FBI

Which now must stand for Feckin Blundering Idiots

Oh well thats my trip to the US scuppered in 2004 due to being listed as Anti American

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