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Show No Mercy...

Mon Mar 24, 2003 5:09 am

Back in '91 all hell broke loose when the Iraqis bombed an American military barracks in the middle of the war. After that event the allies pressed ahead into a stepped up killing campaign that was not seen by the world in quite some time. As a result the Iraqi infantry was slaughtered and many Iraqi Air Force jets were flown into Iran in a desperate attempt to flee.

An infamous moment from all of this occurred when a USAF commander was giving the pre-flight briefing to the fighter pilots, and he told the men to "show no mercy" on the Iraqi army and to fight until they were dead.

What resulted from this was the infamous "highway of death" that resulted in 1000s of Iraqi deaths and I think a whole Iraqi army division was lost in just a few hours.

Do you think something like this will happen again, or is this a new kind of war?
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RE: Show No Mercy...

Mon Mar 24, 2003 6:15 am

War is war and as it progresses it will get too ugly for this 24/7 live camera. What the camera will not be able to convey is a three day fire fight and your buddies brains in your lap back at day two. Emotions will intensify and upon closing with the enemy you not see any white flags.

Is this right, no, should we judge these soldiers in the heat of battle? These are age old questions, very difficult if not impossible to supply the right answer. War is hell, many right and wrong decisions will be made.

I pray for those in the field.


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