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Life On Mars?

Thu Mar 27, 2003 5:18 pm

Does anyone think that life exists or may have existed on Mars at one point in the planet's history?? Bear in mind Mars used to have a thicker atmosphere than it has now, and it used to have flowing water in the form of rivers and streams. Where there is water there is usually life(this is the case on Earth). The Viking Landers detected no signs of life when taking soil samples, however life may exist on other parts of Mars perhaps, closer to the poles where the water is frozen. I am of course talking about microbial life. Maybe there are even fossils in the Martian dust left over from millions of years ago when Mars had water. What does everyone else think? Life on Mars yes or no??
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RE: Life On Mars?

Thu Mar 27, 2003 5:23 pm

Life? Yes.

Intelligent life? No.

Same as on Earth.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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RE: Life On Mars?

Thu Mar 27, 2003 7:21 pm

Women are from Venus.

MEN are from Mars ..

so I guess Charles finally got it right ...  Laugh out loud


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