Parking Infringements

Tue Apr 01, 2003 11:11 pm

Have you ever managed to not have to pay an infringement?

I got one the other day for being parked in a "non parking zone".

I guess it's hard to describe, but there is a no parking sign and a red curb then a driveway then more red curb then the red curb ends and the curb is white.

I was parked in the white portion but they say that because the sign is there (on the other side of the driveway) and there is no end sign then the red curb and the end of the red curb is irrelevant and the parking spot is illegal and I should pay.

More frightening for Aussies is that they say the red curbs are no longer indicative and if you park anywhere you appear to be parking at your own risk.

Anyone else had the same issue?

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RE: Parking Infringements

Wed Apr 02, 2003 12:40 am

i went to london last week for the weekend, i was staying at a mates house, and we had all gone clubbing (club kali), anyway i was pissed and my mate drove back, he parked on yelow lines in east london- it was a £30 fine if paid within 14 days.

It got better though........ the following day we went to heaven, and parked by charing cross, we got there about 11:30pm and it wasnt very busy, i didnt see any 'no parking signs'. Anyway we came out the club at about 3 only to find my car had been clamped! I wasnt very pleased! it was a £40 fine and a £45 release fee, so i paid £85 after holding on their phone for nearly 30 mins!

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RE: Parking Infringements

Wed Apr 02, 2003 12:46 am

Whilst they are under no obligation to do so, the way you get your own back is to go to the payment section of the council which gave you the fine, and hand over a bag full of 5c and 10c pieces....around $80 worth will do it. It pisses them off begin; but it will only work if you get a new bird to the job who has no idea about that they can refuse to accept 1600 5c pieces for fines payment.  Laugh out loud

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