Anzac Day 2003

Fri Apr 04, 2003 11:28 pm

To the Aussies:

Do you forsee problems on ANZAC day? Will it be attacked by the stupid anti war rent a crowd? Are you going to go?

My sons are in the Australian Air League and the league marches each year. I'm not sure about whether I should let them participate or not as I really don't like the idiots that spoil it with their stupidity but then the kids are really looking forward to it as it will be their first ANZAC day parade in the AAL.

Well, guess i'll be there with my camera hoping for the best... I can imagine it will be a somber and sad ceremony at ANZAC cove this year as the travel advisory is in place.

Which leads me to wonder have any of you ever been to ANZAC cove on 25th April? Must be awesome.


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