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Trumpeter's Thread

Sun Apr 06, 2003 2:48 pm

I haven't seen a thread devoted to everyone's favorite instrument lately, so I figured I'd start one and see if it gets any hits. Anyway, general discussion and debate is accepted. It'd sure be interesting if we were to see some. Kind of questions like what's your equipment, what style you play, who are your heroes, who do you sound like, etc. are fair game.

I guess I'll start with my highest note discussion. I probably have everyone on the site beat with my high screech, Double D at the beginning of the practice session. Highest note I play in a concert is High E, LOUD. I'll see if I can get a video clip of two of them in "Gonna Fly Now" up when I was playing lead (college band of course) in a recent concert. I tend to favor sort of a funky bebop style of improvisation when I solo, flying through the 16th's and bending the hell out of notes as I go. Some of the most influential players to me have been Doc Severinsen, Mic Gillette, Chuck Findley, and Jon Faddis. I use a Bach Stradivarious 180LR w/ 72 bell & 25R leadpipe and a Jet-Tone 7S mouthpiece (incredibly small, but playable with minimal lip protrusion and iron chops). Sadistic of me to say, but I tend to prefer playing 3rd parts in the jazz ensemble so I can save high reg acrobatics for the solos. I tend to be a high note guy, but it's one of the toughest arts in trumpet playing, and I pride myself on playing with excellent sound and a full tone throughout all the registers.

So, anyone else out there a serious trumpeter, or anyone want to discuss trumpet playing in general, even if it's a stupid question? All participants are invited, regardless of skill  Big grin.

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